Reflecting on Beyond Boundaries 2023

LuHi recently wrapped up our Beyond Boundaries week for 2023! Beyond Boundaries is LuHi’s signature project-based learning experience, and has been a hallmark of the LuHi student experience since 2014.

Mrs. Raba, LuHi’s Assistant Head of School | Principal, recently reflected on the value of the Beyond Boundaries experience for our students:

A student in my Advisory class, during a rose and thorn exercise yesterday, shared that Beyond Boundaries helped him to recognize how LuHi is unique in the world of high schools. In place for several years now, Beyond Boundaries has become a vital part of the LuHi experience. As I observed classes, spoke with students, and worked with students in my own Beyond Boundaries course (Chess, anyone?), I reflected on the purpose and meaning of this week, and boiled it down to three key components:

  1. This week, students had the chance to step outside of their typical interests. As students read the offerings provided, they found some to which they felt naturally inclined, while other courses did not appeal. As we formed class rosters and read applications, we were particularly interested in reasons students gave that illustrated interest in developing new skills, trying a new activity, or honing and developing burgeoning skills. The goal of Beyond Boundaries is to step outside of one’s typical interests, trying something new. In some cases, students found themselves really having to try something unfamiliar or not, on the surface, desirable. It’s amazing what can happen when we realize that we can try something new!
  2. This week, students had the chance to engage with students and teachers with whom they might not typically work. I saw friendships kindled across grade levels, connections form between educators and students, and the day-to-day LuHi world of individual students expand. In fact, in a few courses, students taught their fellow students, sharing their expertise, while other classes had teaching assistants, in place to support younger learners. 
  3. This week, students had the chance to be “fed” in body, mind, or spirit, or some kind of combination of the three. Courses crossed disciplines, engaged students mentally, physically, emotionally in ways that are not always possible in the typical school day. Teachers worked to share their own passions while seeking to ignite new interest in others, always with their full growth and development in mind. Advisory sessions and prayer services centered our days around a shared experience and expression of LuHi’s value of Christian Love.

Student feedback on the Beyond Boundaries experience really reinforces the “Why” of Beyond Boundaries! Soraya ’27 shared, “Beyond Boundaries is a valuable experience because it allows students to explore new hobbies and interests. It also allows us to take a break from schoolwork, spend time with friends and meet new people.” Jamir ’24 stated, “I believe Beyond Boundaries is a valuable experience because it’s unique and exclusive to LuHi!” Christina ’26 also shared, “I believe Beyond Boundaries is a valuable experience because you don’t just learn a concept or a skill, you can also learn things about yourself you hadn’t previously known or paid attention to.”

Why do we take three days to shift gears between semesters? Why not just have regular classes? Why create and develop new courses? Put simply, these days give our community a chance to breathe, interact in different ways, and truly, as the title suggests, step outside of our own boundaries as we continue to grow into the people God intends us to be!

LuHi Beyond Bounadaries Forensics class
LuHi Beyond Boundaries art class
LuHi Beyond Boundaries LEGO class

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