Mr. John Hinsch ’65

LuHi Role: Admissions Associate, past experience includes: Teacher of Mathematics and Religion (1975 -87); Assistant Principal (1987 – 2006), Principal (2006 – 11), Assistant Head of School (2011 – 2018)

Education: Valparaiso University (1969), Bachelor of Science in Mathematics; Adelphi University (1973), Master of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education

Hobbies: I am a consummate sports fan: high school, college and professional – Let’s Go Mets! I enjoy reading novels and listening to them when traveling within the United States and abroad.

Family: Married to Judy (Ressmeyer) LuHi Class of 1970. We have three children: Jessica, LuHi Class of 1998, Bethany, LuHi Class of 2000 and Jordan, LuHi Class of 2004.

Awards: 2004: Administrator of the Year by the Lutheran Schools Association. 1993: LuHi Alumnus of the Year.

What I love about LuHi: LuHi has been home to me since I first entered as an eighth grader in September 1960. Throughout my professional service at LuHi my journey has been a “calling” – directed by God for Jesus’ sake. My years in a part-time capacity since 2011 have continued to be a blessing!